About Us

The TJHOF will be located at Middle Tennessee State University's newly created Media Center, Mass Communications Department, the perfect venue to play host to the Hall of Fame. Partnering with MTSU, the largest undergraduate university in Tennessee located within one mile of the exact center of Tennessee, could not be possible without a strong independent relationship, a venue that will provide limitless opportunities for worldwide exposure to future nominees to the Tennessee Journalism Hall of Fame.

Officially recognized by the State of Tennessee as a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, the TJHOF established it's own by-laws, approved by present TJHOF Board Committee members, which will be the driving force operationally.

Operating independently, but in close cooperation with MTSU, the TJHOF will be able to provide venues for aspiring MTSU Mass Communications students by publishing or airing their work on the TJHOF website. Other opportunities will also be available for the students of journalism who will be the future inductees into the TJHOF.